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Spring Allergies Are Coming

 Sping Allergies Are Coming


Just as we started feeling like we were coming out of our last seasonal allergy fog—with pet dander or dust kicking up from our heating systems’ desperate attempt at warming our wintery cold homes—we have landed right back at what we have come to know as the cusp of spring allergies.

It may not seem it, as Mr. Groundhog has predicted several more weeks of frigidness, but the plants that produce that torturous pollen will soon start sprouting up wherever they can and infesting your life. Despite the cold weather, it is as if they can tell what month it is, and once February is upon us, March is not far away (so don’t let this fool you into believing that it is too early for these spring allergies). In some places, we can already see budding under the ice!

Once spring allergies start up, you will likely relive your experiences from last year, with frustrating cases of itchy eyes, runny nose, labored breathing, and more. Let us ask you this, though: Why should you put yourself through that every year? If you could put an end to recurrent suffering, why not give it a shot? Relief is just around the corner at one of our Connecticut facilities. CT Sinus Center and Westwood Ear Nose and Throat are lauded for bringing relief of these symptoms in various forms.

Our state-of-the-art services and friendly, knowledgeable staff are waiting to help you with your all-too-familiar frustrations. Regardless of how cold it’s been so far this year, we will eventually thaw out. Get ahead of your allergy woes this Spring and schedule an appointment at CT Sinus Center and Westwood Ear Nose and Throat today.


Allergy and Sinus Treatment Fit for a President

Allergy and Sinus Treatment Fit for a President

It sure was cold this President’s Day, which means you were probably planning to turn the heat up as soon as you got home (after a long day of work—or shopping, making use of those sales). This would naturally be among the first solutions that we all think about, and it’s okay, but we’d like you to be aware of what this could mean for next time. Circulating such dry heat could stir up dust, pet dander, other irritants, and even cause nosebleeds (it’s dry enough as it is with the cold weather outside).


If you were under the impression that you were done having to run around looking for the right allergy and sinus treatment once spring ended, this wake up call is probably enough to make you want to tear your hair out. Unfortunately, lots of us are finding that allergies can hit you all year round (they’re just different kinds). Good thing you have us, virtually around the corner, to help you get relief when you need it—and treat you like a VIP all the while. Our motto is “patient centered” care, and if you are not used to getting top quality care, well, you haven’t been to Westwood ENT/ CT Sinus Center.


While we would, of course, always suggest you come see us for long-term allergy and sinus treatment, you can also use these simple tips if there’s too much snow and you can’t come in right away. One, perhaps the more obvious choice, is don’t be so quick to get your hands on that thermostat. Take it easy on the heat, as we know it can toss some pesky polluting elements into your air. Since dryness can quickly irritate the inside of your nasal passages, you will also want to start running a humidifier in your home. This should keep the necessary moisture flowing nicely, prevent tissue from drying and cracking, and help you breathe easier. This, as a reminder, is merely a temporary fix. When you come to us, you can expect your allergy and sinus treatment to be much more permanent and less frustrating than trying to find an over-the-counter drug that really works.

Don’t Let Allergies Ruin The Romance


Ah, the second week of February. We know what that means—either you have plans for someone special in mind this weekend, or you were simply planning to have some relaxing time to yourself. Whether you’re buying wine for some “you” time or are getting ready to impress your sweetheart, you have enough prep on your plate as it is. Wait, what was that, now? Was that a sniffle? Let’s not let it get out of hand… we all know how that can be. Congestion can really hold you back, and we wouldn’t want to let allergies ruin your life. From breathing issues to constant headaches to that over-all icky feeling, you know this is not something you want to deal with—especially not now (I mean, could it be hitting you at a worse time?)

If you were in fact hoping to spend the time with another person, by all means, we know they don’t want to deal with your phlegm any more than you do (no matter how nicely some may try to hide a feeling of disgust from the throaty sounds he/she heard you making at dinner, during a romantic session, or even at night while trying to sleep). So please, for your own sake and for his/hers, don’t let allergies ruin the romance. Come see us to put a stop to what you and/or your loved ones are experiencing due to your clogged sinuses. There is no reason to put anyone through the torture that congestion can bring, when you all could have had such a lovely time otherwise.

Valentines Day is coming, and let’s be frank with each other: A lot of it does have to do with attraction… the sniffles are not very attractive. When there’s a risk of having your allergies ruin the heat of the moment, it’s up to you to do something about it. Taking the proactive approach to relieving the pressure (both in your head and in your love life) is as simple as dialing the number on our new and improved website.