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How to Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmers Ear

Swim season is coming, which could easily mean lots of fun, but could also lead to a good deal of ache if you are not careful. A lot of people do not realize how delicate their ears are and that they should be given just as much consideration as other parts of their bodies. Swimmer’s ear is also known as acute external otitis since it occurs in the outer ear canal. When water gets stuck in this area of your ear after swimming (or even if you get bacteria in there from sticking your finger or a cotton swab inside), bacteria can grow out of control and make for one painful infection. After all, those warm, moist environments are where bacteria thrives the most.

You will normally be able to tell on your own if you are developing a case of swimmer’s ear. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, make sure you call us soon and ensure you get your appointment on the books.

  • Itching or redness in your ear
  • Discomfort that is worse when you pull on your outer ear
  • Drainage of clear, odorless fluid (or puss at later stages)
  • Feeling of fullness and increasing pain in the ear

 Treatment for swimmer’s ear is not difficult if caught within a reasonable amount of time. Normally, you can pick up a bottle of eardrops from your pharmacy with a simple prescription. Prompt treatment of swimmer’s ear can help prevent progression and complications. We aren’t telling you to stay out of the water! Just be aware of what can possibly happen.

 If you are prone to getting these infections, wear earplugs if you’re going to be swimming a lot. Simply shaking the water out of your ear also may help in the short term. This may sound silly, but a trick that works for a lot of people is hopping on one foot with your head tilted to the side if you feel leftover water stuck in your ear. Often it will wiggle itself out and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if you ever do experience a problem with this, there are no better people to go to for assistance than your friends here at Westwood Ear, Nose and Throat!


Allergies in the Home


Asian woman with nose allergy

It’s one of those times during the year that you’re likely trying to prep your house for guests, as both Easter and Passover are approaching. No one wants family or friends to see a dirty home during a holiday season, so you may be frantically running around trying to make everything look perfect… then you sneeze. Don’t panic: If you don’t have a cold but rather think there may be allergens in your home that are setting off your sinuses, all you need to do is think about what the root of the problem might be. What could be causing your allergies?

If your allergies are flaring up, it could very well be that your guests’ will, too. Make a good impression and ensure that both you and your guests are as comfortable as possible. There are lots of things that could be contributing to your body’s reaction. Mold can be common in bathrooms since they are prone to creating a warm and moist environment. Old collectables can accumulate dust mites. It could even be your precious cat running around, spreading the less visible (yet still highly irritating) pet dander everywhere as he goes. It is always a good idea to come be evaluated by CT Sinus Center or at Westwood Ear Nose and Throat if you’re not sure what it is that is bothering you.

If you are already considering making an appointment, you could use the following techniques in the meantime. First, mold will often grow in the bathroom when there is not enough ventilation to let out the steam. Use an antimicrobial cleaning agent on any iffy spots you see (greenish, blackish, or brownish), then be sure to open a window for a few hours after taking a particularly hot shower. Your belongings should be dusted periodically so that mites are less likely to gather. Pets are also part of the family, and you will want something that offers permanent relief (hint: this is not something you can get from over-the-counter solutions, so don’t bother with the drugstore… just come on in, already!)