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Testimonials (Part 1) – A Happy Thyroid


If you have been reading our blogs, seeing our commercials on TV, or even hearing about us on the radio lately, you might be thinking that Westwood ENT’s claims are too good to be true. The treatments and long-term relief we offer for everything Ears, Nose and Throat could sound like a miracle to some people, and you may be wondering how realistic it all is. Can we actually do everything we say?

Well, don’t just take our word for it… we would much rather prove it to you. Just ask any of our many happy patients—they will confirm the countless success stories. We’ve decided to start providing you with real experiences from some of our satisfied customers so that you have the raw, honest opinions of how people really feel after leaving our offices. Let us begin with Nicole G., who “had hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease and [she] was trying medication for many years, and the symptoms never got better…” In an interview we conducted with her—which you can soon view yourself in our database of online videos and testimonials—she talked about her previous treatment elsewhere, but how making the choice to come in to see us at Westwood really did the trick and changed her life.

“I came to Dr. Laughlin and we talked about surgery. At first, I was very nervous about any kind of procedure; being put under. [But] he totally explained everything to me, step by step, told me how it was going to work, and just really put my mind at ease. Symptoms are gone, surgery helped a ton.” At the end, she added, “I feel like a completely different person now,” and urged people to think about the ease and convenience of the whole process, saying “from surgery it was only one week [of recovery] and then I was back to full work…[within] two weeks total I felt completely back to normal.”

She also happily stated, “I would definitely recommend them,” and we thought, well, we would like to recommend her, too! Her interview was nothing short of inspiring, and we urge anyone who is dealing with an ENT related condition to keep checking back for the launch of our highly anticipated YouTube channel.