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ENT Doctors to the Rescue


If you or someone you love has ever had recurring ear infections or tonsillitis, you’ve probably sought help from an ENT doctor. You may have also visited that doctor for problems caused by allergies or sinusitis. After all, ENT stands for “ear, nose and throat,” and the illnesses above are common ailments associated with those particular parts of the body.

However, ENT doctors, otherwise known as otolaryngologists, can treat many more conditions than most people realize. The ears, nose and throat actually encompass many tiny bones, major organs and key bodily systems, so simply put, there is a lot that can go wrong there.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways otolaryngologists can help you find relief if you are suffering in any of these areas.

Ears (Audiology): The most obvious symptoms of an ear condition are pain, hearing loss, ringing (tinnitus) and drainage. But did you know that vertigo and dizziness can be the result of ear problems too?

Many times, the issue is nothing more than a slight infection or swimmer’s ear, but there could be more serious factors at play like a buildup of fluid in the eardrum or an injury. Also, an ear problem that initially is nothing more than an annoyance can have complications if left untreated. Consequently,  it is important to see a doctor at the onset of discomfort to prevent the issue from leading to permanent damage.

Nose (Rhinology): This is the category where you’ll find allergies, sinusitis and post-nasal drip. Symptoms can include anything from congestion to nose bleeds, and while not life-threatening, these issues can make you miserable.

Throat (Laryngology): The T in ENT does stand for throat, but this branch of the otolaryngology field also covers the head and neck. So while your ENT can treat you for a hoarse voice or trouble swallowing, she or he can treat the following conditions as well:

So, if you are being affected by any of these ear, nose or throat conditions, book a consultation with one of our expert physicians at Westwood Ear, Nose and Throat. We will sit down with you and thoroughly discuss your particular symptoms, our state-or-the-art diagnostic methods and available treatment options.

Let us help you find relief and get back to living the quality of life you deserve.