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Listen Up About Hearing Loss

Hearing LossHave you noticed that your hearing isn’t as sharp as it used to be? Or maybe your loved ones keep telling you that you need to get your hearing checked.

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America:

  • About 20 percent of Americans, 48 million, report some degree of hearing loss.
  • At age 65, one out of three people has a hearing loss.

Unfortunately, many people who experience hearing loss are very reluctant to admit it and get help. Some people Others just don’t realize that they have an impairment. However, there really is no reason to suffer from even a minimal deficiency. Let us show you.

At Westwood Ear, Nose & Throat we have been offering a full range of audiology services for almost 20 years. With over 25 years experience between them, our audiologists specialize in identifying, managing, and preventing hearing loss, as well as treating dizziness / imbalance disorders and other ear-related issues. Our services include:

When it comes to hearing aids, our expert audiologists will take the time to sit down with you and thoroughly discuss your needs and answer any questions or concerns you have. Next, they’ll use up-to-date diagnostic tools to determine your level of hearing loss, which they will then explain to you in friendly, easy-to-understand terms.

If it is determined that you will need a hearing aid, our audiologists will fit you with one that best meets your needs and delivers the highest level of performance and comfort.  We provide primary hearing aids manufactured by Phonak and Resound, brands known for the highest performance and reliability, highest level of technology, best available environment adaptability, and top-rated sound quality and listening comfort.

Because we understand that wearing a hearing aid can take getting used to, we will provide a testing/trial period and help you schedule a consultation and general maintenance appointments.You won’t find this quality and personalized care at any retail outlet.

Now is the time to stop ignoring your hearing loss, and start hearing everything life has to offer.

Audiology services in all four of our conveniently-located offices, including our soon-to-open one in Fairfield County.Call (203) 574-5997 or visit to schedule your evaluation today. To learn more about Westwood Ear, Nose and Throat’s services, please visit our website and blog.