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Kent: New Residence, Same Relief

If you’ve been a regular at our Sharon office, then you’re probably well aware of our recent move. For those of you who don’t know, our former Westwood Ear, Nose and Throat office in Sharon has moved to 27 North Main Street, Unit 7A, in Kent, CT! Our newest office has been open since October 11, and we are taking appointments to offer our leading ear, nose and throat services to help improve the issues that are impacting your quality of life.

Get to know Dr. Marcus, MD, MS, FACS 

Dr. Larry Marcus is the primary doctor of the new Kent office and will continue to provide the same outstanding ENT services as all of our other locations. Please note that the hours of operation for our Kent office are 8:30–5:00 pm, on Wednesday only. Spots are filling up quickly so don’t forget to get ahead and book your appointment as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Appointment at Westwood Ear, Nose and Throat in Kent

Take control or your ENT heath by calling (860) 592-0730. We’ll provide you with any information and appointments you need to take the next step in treating your ear, nose and throat conditions. And best of all, we are now right in your neighborhood.

For information on all things ear, nose and throat, visit the Westwood ENT website and blog.

Testimonials (Part 1) – A Happy Thyroid


If you have been reading our blogs, seeing our commercials on TV, or even hearing about us on the radio lately, you might be thinking that Westwood ENT’s claims are too good to be true. The treatments and long-term relief we offer for everything Ears, Nose and Throat could sound like a miracle to some people, and you may be wondering how realistic it all is. Can we actually do everything we say?

Well, don’t just take our word for it… we would much rather prove it to you. Just ask any of our many happy patients—they will confirm the countless success stories. We’ve decided to start providing you with real experiences from some of our satisfied customers so that you have the raw, honest opinions of how people really feel after leaving our offices. Let us begin with Nicole G., who “had hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease and [she] was trying medication for many years, and the symptoms never got better…” In an interview we conducted with her—which you can soon view yourself in our database of online videos and testimonials—she talked about her previous treatment elsewhere, but how making the choice to come in to see us at Westwood really did the trick and changed her life.

“I came to Dr. Laughlin and we talked about surgery. At first, I was very nervous about any kind of procedure; being put under. [But] he totally explained everything to me, step by step, told me how it was going to work, and just really put my mind at ease. Symptoms are gone, surgery helped a ton.” At the end, she added, “I feel like a completely different person now,” and urged people to think about the ease and convenience of the whole process, saying “from surgery it was only one week [of recovery] and then I was back to full work…[within] two weeks total I felt completely back to normal.”

She also happily stated, “I would definitely recommend them,” and we thought, well, we would like to recommend her, too! Her interview was nothing short of inspiring, and we urge anyone who is dealing with an ENT related condition to keep checking back for the launch of our highly anticipated YouTube channel.

Meet an ENT: Doctor Martin Spinella

Doctor Martin SpinellaDoctor Martin Spinella is one of the Ear, Nose and Throat doctors here at Westwood ENT. A native of Waterbury, Connecticut, Dr. Spinella brings a uniquely personable and local approach to his patients. He personifies our “Patient Centered” atmosphere, as is evident from each patient’s initial consultation. Dr. Spinella sets aside ample time to meet with his patients in order to make sure they are feeling comfortable with everything. All questions are answered; any troubles are eased before anything is done.

A graduate of the University of Vermont, Dr. Spinella was awarded his medical degree from the University of Padova and the University of Bologna in Italy. He served his surgical internship at Waterbury Hospital and his Otolaryngology residency at the University of Vermont. He also holds fellowships with the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the American College of Surgeons, and a board certification in Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery. In addition to his extensive educational background, Dr. Spinella has co-authored several publications that showcases the expertise he brings to each and every patient he sees. A former chairman of the Otolaryngology Head/Neck Surgery Department and the Laser Surgery Committee at Waterbury Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital, Dr. Spinella regularly attends nationwide seminars and conferences on the subject of otolaryngology. Many of these meetings feature Dr. Spinella as a presenting speaker on his knowledge of the field.

Our doctors find it extremely important to ensure that each visit is friendly and positive. Dr. Spinella’s goal at the initial appointment is to make a diagnosis, present options, and work with the patient to establish a proper treatment plan. The explanation often includes graphs, pictorials and handouts, giving the patient a good understanding of the treatment and the goals he or she can expect. Knowing that this expert has nearly four decades of experience further assuages any apprehensions in patients. During this time, he has become known for his caring, conservative approach to patient care. At Westwood Ear, Nose and Throat, we want you to feel excited for your initial meeting with our team as we look to get your life back on track. With Dr. Spinella, you can rest assured that you are not only in good hands, but that your treatment really can be more pleasant than your experiences at other places have lead you to believe!

The Convenient, Easy Way to Book Appointments at an ENT Doctor

The Convenient, Easy Way to Book Appointments at an ENT Doctor


One of the top reasons for people to hesitate when they book appointments is the hassle. Who needs extra stress loaded onto their daily routine? If you already have something ailing you, it’s not fair to go through an additional struggle just to get an appointment to see your doctor. When people become frustrated, they tend to want to put off seeing a doctor. Often, the problem worsens because of it. If you have a condition involving anything ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) related — from hearing loss and speech impediments to the flu and strep—you should come to us not only for our expertise, but because of the convenience of it all. We make the whole process as easy for you as possible. We don’t see you as customers the way other medical offices see their patients… we see you as people.


We understand you and know what we have always found to be annoying when dealing with booking appointments, so we removed those parts. We have offices in several towns across the state so you don’t have to bother driving hours trying to find a specialist. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, because we have easy-to-follow directions on our website. No need to get up extra early just to fill out paperwork, either—our website enables you to print documents at home so you can fill them out in advance. If you’re unable to get to the phone (or just don’t feel like talking), simply schedule an appointment online! When you arrive, you will enter a clean, inviting building with warm, welcoming staff and some of the friendliest doctors that are ready to answer all your questions.


Your days of being afraid to start the process are over. You want to get better, and with all these great amenities provided to you, there is no longer a reason to put off your visit to the doctor. It’s as simple as picking up a phone, getting in your car, or logging onto the nearest computer. Once you sign up with your friends at Westwood Ear, Nose and Throat or CT Sinus Center, you will find the formerly dreaded process of booking appointments has never been easier. Why wait?