Spring Allergies

Spring Allergies Are Coming

 Sping Allergies Are Coming


Just as we started feeling like we were coming out of our last seasonal allergy fog—with pet dander or dust kicking up from our heating systems’ desperate attempt at warming our wintery cold homes—we have landed right back at what we have come to know as the cusp of spring allergies.

It may not seem it, as Mr. Groundhog has predicted several more weeks of frigidness, but the plants that produce that torturous pollen will soon start sprouting up wherever they can and infesting your life. Despite the cold weather, it is as if they can tell what month it is, and once February is upon us, March is not far away (so don’t let this fool you into believing that it is too early for these spring allergies). In some places, we can already see budding under the ice!

Once spring allergies start up, you will likely relive your experiences from last year, with frustrating cases of itchy eyes, runny nose, labored breathing, and more. Let us ask you this, though: Why should you put yourself through that every year? If you could put an end to recurrent suffering, why not give it a shot? Relief is just around the corner at one of our Connecticut facilities. CT Sinus Center and Westwood Ear Nose and Throat are lauded for bringing relief of these symptoms in various forms.

Our state-of-the-art services and friendly, knowledgeable staff are waiting to help you with your all-too-familiar frustrations. Regardless of how cold it’s been so far this year, we will eventually thaw out. Get ahead of your allergy woes this Spring and schedule an appointment at CT Sinus Center and Westwood Ear Nose and Throat today.