Taking Care of Yourself After Surgery

Taking Care of Yourself After SurgeryWe find it ironic that so many people are afraid of taking the initiative to help themselves because they are scared of the idea of surgery. We find this ironic because not only are many of the procedures we offer non-invasive and virtually painless, but they could potentially save people from much more discomfort than they’d have without doing something about the problem. We invite you to read on in hopes that we can help you understand your options when it comes to several different conditions we treat.

With Balloon Sinus Dilation, you can forget about “going under the knife” because we don’t do any big, frightening incisions. When it comes to Turbinate Reductions, we will be honest about the procedure from start to finish. The surgery is performed same-day, and you may be prescribed drugs afterward to keep the discomfort at a level that is minimal to none. However, many patients will simply return right to work! Even when there are incisions, they are inside the nose where a scar can’t be seen (if it is the cosmetic aspect that makes you most apprehensive). The most common side effect is discharge or slight crusting occurring around the opening to the nostrils for a few days, but that can be eased with the use of a simple humidifier at home.

With our sister branch, CT Sinus Center, you can get more common procedures done if your needs go beyond sinuses. Our ENT services cover such a large portion of the top half of your body that, odds are, you’ll be set after just a visit or two there. We even do tonsillectomies, and as you may have heard already, there shouldn’t be anything to be nervous about when it comes to that… unless you have a fear of ice cream sundaes (as recommended recovery for that includes eating simple, cold, soft foods, and resting… who could complain about that?)